Born in New York.  Raised on punk rock and independent music, Brett Patterson Lehrman (a.k.a. Cookie Policy) started DJing in 2007 as an outlet for his obsessive music collection.  Parties and the repertoire grew to a professional level shortly before his time spent at Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Preforming Arts.  There he furthered his musical prowess, studying music composition, performance, audio engineering and music business.

Brett's career and influences continued to grow through gigs with the likes of Dan Croll (Dire Wolf), Eliza Doolittle, Dominique Young Unique, Infected Mushroom & others.  Gigs and residencies span both coasts of the American continent as well as South America and Europe.  Global surface area covered, influences, drive, abilities & ambition are in a constant state of growth.

The mix is eclectic but focuses on solid groove, with heart and joy always at the core. Selections are chosen on a feeling and a rhythm over hype or release date. Purposeful genre bending allows for a wide range to be covered, appealing to both fans of underground/independent music and those who just want to move or be moved.

Common weapons: Indie, Disco, Funk, Nudisco & Oldschool hip hop.

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