a life of music

Born in New York.  Raised on independent music, punk and (psych) groove, Brett Patterson Lehrman (a.k.a. Cookie Policy) started DJing in 2007 as an outlet for his obsessive music collection.  His hipster friends put on depressing music at house parties but disco, funk, old school hiphop (+ others) made them dance. Parties and the repertoire grew to a professional level shortly before his time spent at Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Preforming Arts in 2009.  There, he furthered his musical prowess with studies in music composition, performance, audio engineering and music business.

For more than 10 years, Brett has performed countless professional gigs on stages at concert venues, in nightclubs + bars & over 110 of them have been for large scale weddings, private parties & corporate events.  The growing list of locations includes NY, Boston, CA, UK + Argentina.

The mix is eclectic with groove at the heart. Dogma for any one style or genre is avoided along with cheese and attention grabbing ego (see: microphone cowboy). Intentional genre bending allows for a wide range to be covered, appealing to both fans of underground/independent music and those who just want to move.

While most genres can be requested for your event or venue, the overall feel is a psychedelic groove >>> (Nu)Disco, Funk, Classic Hip Hop & Indie.

The Name

Inspired by Kool Keith’s tendency to pass out fresh slices of pizza to his audience, Brett is known to hand out freshly baked (sometimes on stage) cookies to nightlife audiences. That’s the policy: Free Cookies

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