frequently asked questions



How do you charge?

  • By the Hour.
  • All time packages include everything needed to have a great sounding dance party, but additional items like uplighting and a subwoofer can be provided at an additional cost.  Send me a message to request a price sheet!

do you charge me for setup and breakdown time?

  • Never
  • Booked time = The moment the first note sounds from the speakers until the end of the last song of the night.  No more.  No less.

How do I OFFICIALLY book you?

  • All of my gigs are booked on a first come first serve basis.  When I get your signed contract and deposit, your calendar date is blocked off to everyone but you!

How many Weddings & special/corporate events have you dj'ed?

  • By the end of 2016, I had DJ'ed over 50
  • By the end of 2017, I will have DJ'ed over 75

What is your style like as a DJ?  

  • I have worked for many years as a DJ in nightlife and concert settings. My style is in that of the artistic side of DJing, and what you'd expect from the classic setup of two decks and a mixer.  I now use up to 4 decks and digital effects to blend and smooth out transitions and add creative and unique flare.  In this way, a new sound is formed as the lines between songs are blurred and fused together with samples and effects.
  • I let the music do the talking. 

Are you comfortable on the mic?  We need an M.C.

  • Yes.  My experience as a musician, stage actor and public speaker mean that I am confident addressing a crowd, and tactful in my content and delivery.

DIfferent parts of our celebration/event are in different locations.  Can you ACCOMMODATE?

  • Yes.  My speakers all have two channel mixers built into the back of them.  Each one is very loud. If need be, one speaker on a stand can have both a music source and a microphone plugged in at the same time, and provide enough volume for both to be heard by a large crowd.
  • Since I have multiple speakers, they can all be in different places at the same time.  When it comes to having a loud dance party, they can all be easily moved into a central location the get plenty of volume and sound great!


  • Yep! >>> $40 per unit
  • Refer to your venue for the amount of units and let me know that and what color you'd like.
  • I'll take care of everything else including setup and breakdown.
  • ***IMPORTANT*** Advance notice must be given 1 MONTH prior to the wedding to ensure stock.
  • They can be handled as a separate contract, or an addendum to the original contracted time so the decision doesn't have to be made right when you book.  Just make sure things are solidified one month before your event ;)