The King of Drum Machines, Daedelus & Getting Your Hands Dirty

It's always refreshing to see someone unashamedly be themselves.  It's even better when they're really good at something.  If you're not familiar with Daedelus, well you know how to google...  

In this video, he tears into one of the most iconic and prominent instruments in contemporary music, who's ranks are right up there with electric guitars.  You might have to be a music nerd to fully appreciate this one (I am) or maybe you just like people.  Daedelus explores what makes the 808 so unique in a poetic, passionate, endearing & sincere way, with with just a touch of delightful awkwardness.


Daedelus, one of LA's most-loved electronic music producers and performers, showcases the evolution of the TR-808-inspired Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer and also gives a brief overview of alternative beat structures in a talk originally delivered for the 2nd Low End Theory Festival on 8.08.15.